And the Award Goes to 14th Street: 2012 Rammys Recap

Cafe Saint Ex wins the 2012 Rammy for Best Neighborhood Gathering Place. Courtesy of Flickr user Kevin H.

There must be something in the (tonic) water.

Perhaps it’s the friendly competition. Maybe it’s the draw of a trendy, up-and-coming neighborhood. But if you’re a bar and you’re on 14th Street, you’re probably doing something right.

Last night at the Rammys — the awards gala honoring the best and brightest in the D.C. culinary scene — all of the drink-related categories were taken by 14th Street haunts. But we’re calling it a coincidence: the four establishments taking top marks, highlighted below, could likely stand on their own anywhere in the city.

Beverage/Mixology Program of the Year:

Bourbon Steak
EatGoodFood Group
Birch & Barley
Room 11

Hottest Restaurant Bar Scene of the Year:

Black Jack
The Hamilton
Hill Country Barbecue Market
Mad Fox Brewing Company

Wine Program of the Year:

Cork Wine Bar

Neighborhood Gathering Place of the Year:

Bistrot Du Coin
Café Saint-Ex
Et Voila!
The Majestic

Check out the results in the remaining 12 categories here.

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