Summer Infusions: Try using local organics to flavor cocktails and spirits

Photo by GlassifiedDC

If you thought the “farm-to-table” movement ended at your plate, think again. The D.C. drink mixers are in the midst of a full-swing fusion with the area’s organic abundance. Next time you’re at the market, pick up garden treasures you can toss into a cocktail and you’ll wonder why you didn’t start “infusing” earlier.

The best part? The drinks are super easy and the possible combos are endless to create inspired infusions.

Glassified recently stopped by Estadio in Logan Circle, where they told us about the heavenly things they’re doing with herbal infusions.

Photo by GlassifiedDC

Estadio tells us they create all of their infusions in house and none of them take much time at all to make (we already know they don’t take long to drink). The Tecolate features tequila infused with rosemary and is served with a very small garnish sprig. Note the size of the sprig — they warn that a little rosemary goes a long way.

Photo by GlassifiedDC

The strong herbal flavor of the rosemary is mellowed by the sweetness of the juice and the sparkling texture of the Cava. It all works together to elevate the tequila at the end for a drink that’s as refreshing as it is delicious.

Another way to infuse a cocktail is through a simple syrup steeped with an herb, fruit or both. Estadio also does the Julioso, a blend of Cava, brandy, orange juice and thyme. In this cocktail, they tell us the thyme is infused into a handmade syrup. We never thought thyme and orange juice would pair well, but the savory herb is a nice balance against the sweetness of the juice and brandy.

If you like the idea of infusing but prefer produce, we loved this clever use of rhubarb from FrenchTwistDC for a rhubarb mojito.  Earlier, Glassified talked about how to use mint for a Southern-style mint julep, but this infusion is also worthy of a try.

Courtesy FrenchTwistDC

FrenchTwistDC includes the full recipe and how to make the simple syrup. Merci! So welcome summer with an infusion to remember — your guests will be thanking you all season long.


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