Do-It-Yourself Soda Cocktails

The sweetness of summer, captured in a bottled cocktail. Photo courtesy of Cocktail Remedy.

May we present summer’s tastiest DIY project: the do-it-yourself soda cocktail.

Cocktail Remedy is in the middle of a series of these drinks, posting recipes and pictures that are sure to bring out your crafty side. Their most recent concoction is a sweet cherry whiskey soda — perfect for a sunny summer day.

If you’re feeling particularly lazy, the drink can also be poured over ice in a pitcher. Instant summer party classic.

The recipe, along with the rest of the series, is on Cocktail Remedy’s website. Cheers!


2 comments on “Do-It-Yourself Soda Cocktails

  1. This is a must read for anyone that has ever eaten in a restaurant or drank in a bar. Sure to put a smile on your face.

  2. Joseph Tkach says:

    These sound great!

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