Port City Brewing Company creates a draft inspired by the D.C. derecho

Port City Brewing Company Beer, Courtesy DC Beer

The derecho may be long gone, but Alexandria’s Port City Brewing Company is still feeling it.

When the power went out, the beloved local brew company was forced to stop packaging and production. Fortunately, Port City was able to find a generator to save the reported 13,000 gallons of beer from spoiling.

One plus from some unintended higher fermentation temperatures: look for a limited edition “Derecho Common” beer to be released from Port City Brewing Company in early August. It’s one way to relive the summer storm’s highlights, sans power outage.

Big thanks to DC Beer.com for sharing the company email detailing Port City’s plight:

Many have asked us if we were able to “save the beer.” We continue to monitor the beer very closely, and we test and taste it daily. Five of our six tanks appear to be just fine. The 6th tank is a 60-barrel batch of lager beer that fermented at a higher temperature than we intended.

There is a beer style that developed in San Francisco called steam beer, or California Common beer. It is a beer made with lager yeast and fermented at higher temperatures like an ale. This is exactly what happened to this 60-barrel tank of our beer.

As a result, this storm has given us Derecho Common beer.

We will release the limited Derecho Common beer in early August. It will be draft only, and will be limited to about 120 kegs, which will be sold only to bars and restaurants in the D.C. Metro area.

Thank you for your continued support.


Bill Butcher
Port City Brewing Company


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