Truckeroo hits a homerun! Where to grab a drink near Nationals Park.

Take me out to the ballgame! With the Nats on a roll, we’ve all been spending more time around the Navy Yard. But where to go for those post-game celebrations?  Glassified DC went to check out what was going on around National’s Park.

Half Street Fairgrounds, Truckeroo, by Glassified DC

We timed our visit with last week’s Truckeroo, something we highly recommend. While we were expecting the domestic divas to dominate this game, we were happy to see a wide selection of beers to match the diverse food truck palette. (Note: The next Truckeroo event is set for August 10.)


Too bad Starr Hill was the only regional drink on the roster. Our Truckeroo tip: pick a dark or hoppy brew to balance some of the strong flavors being cooked up. Star Hill was great match to the Cajunators cuisine and TaKorean’s tacos.

Starr Hill on the menu at Truckeroo, by Glassified DC

Not in the mood for a brew? Well, you can choose from some Redbull and Vodka concoctions (not a fan), or a frozen margarita. You won’t find any mixologists here, just the standard ballpark beverages. Truckeroo is also great place to pickup some non-alcoholic drinks. The always-crowded Red Hook Lobster DC was serving up some interesting organic sodas. We never made it through the line, but spied a blackberry bubbly that looked delicious. Instead, we went straight for the Rootbeer float from Sinplicity.

Sinplicity’s Rootbeer float at Truckeroo, by Glassified DC

Forgive the half glass, it was a few gulps before we remembered to take a picture. Yep, it’s that good!

After a game, there are not a lot of options within walking distance. The Washington Post suggests you go to Eastern Market for post-game fun. We had an insider tip to check out Justin’s Cafe on First Street, just a short walk from the Nat’s ballpark.

There were some interesting cocktails on the menu, but we were sticking with brews. Unfortunately, nothing local on tap that night. We  made due with a canned DC Brau. Still good!

DC Brau served at Justin’s Cafe, by Glassified DC

The bar was pretty crowded, but the drinks came fast. The food… well, we don’t review that here. Overall, it’s a great place to toast the NL East standing, with some big screens to watch the replays and outdoor seating.

So now that we have our bases covered: Cheers to the Nats! Let’s take this season long…

If you have any good Capitol Riverfront bars to share (within walking distance of the ballpark), please email us or leave a comment.


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