A Cure For Ennui: Urbana’s Bellini Bar Is Still Charming, Four Years Later

A passion fruit-cherry combo bellini at Urbana in Dupont Circle. (Heather Brady/Glassified DC)

D.C. is a city for people who brunch. But what’s a Washingtonian to do after tiring of the usual Bloody Marys and mimosas?

In the midst of your ennui, we’re here to remind you of another tried-and-true favorite: the bellini.

Urbana in Dupont Circle has a way of guaranteeing that you’ll mix things up each time you go. They’ve crafted and perfected a bottomless bellini bar over the past four years, giving the D.C. brunch set a lot of options to mix with that bottle of champagne they give you.

“In June 2009 they started to offer bellinis with fresh fruit puree during brunch, but it was hard on the servers to refill the glass each time,” said Megan Best, a former floor manager who was there when the concept launched.

That’s when inspiration hit: let each table have their own bottle (or two, or three) of champagne and let guests choose what to put in their glasses and how often to refill them. The puree is laid out at the bar buffet-style, meaning you can also mix-and-match.

“Since then, it’s taken off and become very popular both with regulars and people who are hosting a celebration,” Best said.

The restaurant’s brunch menu boasts a Simonet Blanc de Blancs sparkling wine, made in Loire, France. Puree flavors include passion fruit, cherry and mandarin orange, among others.

The champagne Urbana uses for their bellinis. (Heather Brady/Glassified DC)

The fresh fruit puree options that Urbana offers put a spin on the traditional bellini, adding some flair to the restaurant’s brunch. (Heather Brady/Glassified DC)

It’s like a tequila sunrise…only for breakfast instead. (Heather Brady/Glassified DC)


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