Once upon a warm D.C. night, three young professionals were sitting at a table in Liberty Tavern, gushing over their rich glasses of wine. The classy beverages at the Clarendon restaurant were exactly what they needed after a night that seemed like it would never end.

While they sipped, they talked about how hard it was to find a steady source of reliable information for great drinks. Their intern days long gone, they wanted more than bars full of cheap beers and average rail cocktails. But information about these drinks and the places where they’re served were almost as hard to access as classified documents in the Pentagon. And the three women decided they couldn’t be the only ones wanting to be in the know.

Glassified DC popped out of that conversation like a cork sliding perfectly up from the top of a wine bottle.

Heather Lynn Brady
Chianti lover, sangria maker, Guinness aficionado

Combine an Irish and German heritage, add a dash of Southern upbringing and shake well. I have little patience for bad booze, which means my search for good drinks is never-ending. There’s no better way to unwind from a long day in a D.C. newsroom than with a beautiful glass of something delicious. For best results, I match the type of drink with my mood (brooding gets a dark red wine, happy gets a glass of something bubbly). But my love for northern Europe’s most emerald of isles means I never turn down a well-poured Guinness.

Katie Bridges
Aspiring gin connoisseur, classic cocktailer, wino extraordinaire

Whether it’s a freshly mixed gin and tonic (Small’s gin, perhaps, or maybe Aviation or Plymouth), a glass of sauv blanc, or a ruby red grapefruit-splashed margarita, there’s no better cure for writer’s block than a drink in my  hand at happy hour. You’ll often find me in a 14th Street drinking hole, but I’m equally happy DIY-ing at home, experimenting with small-batch spirits and interesting bitters and mixers. Stints in Provence and Paris and a master’s in French mean there’s always room in my wine fridge for a crisp Burgundy chard or a spicy Côtes du Rhône—at least when said fridge isn’t full of vintages snatched up on weekend winery visits out Route 66.

Steph Melson
Never met a Cosmo I didn’t like, Lover of Reds, Vodkaphile

I like my drinks like I like my…books. That would be bold and full of character. Whether it’s a rich red (I prefer an Argentinian Malbec) or spirits on the rocks, it has to speak loudly upon first sip. Balance that with some freshly infused flavor, and I’m a happy girl. With a green thumb to match my drink in hand, I have a love for infusions that blend spirits with seasonal flavors. Anything from a good home brew to house-made herbal bitters, if it’s organic, I’ll drink to that! I pay homage to the Euro custom of the aperitif, and would never start a good meal without an equally good drink.