Scot’s Honor: Scottish Whisky At The Jack Rose Saloon

Ruth Lynn, who bartends in Scotland when she’s not studying for med school, examines the vast array of Scottish whiskys at Jack Rose Dining Saloon in Adams Morgan. (Heather Brady/Glassified DC)

Ever wondered about Scottish whisky? The fact that you have it neat, not on the rocks? The variety of colors it comes in? The lack of an ‘e’ in its name?

Ruth Lynn, Glassified DC’s favorite friend from Scotland, shared some of her expertise as a bartender there and demystified the liquor for us. She even impressed the bartender at Jack Rose Dining Saloon, where over 90 percent of the 1,400 whiskey bottles they have is Scottish, with her knowledge. (She impressed us, too.)

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Look What We Found on 14th Street This Morning: Batch 13, a New Small-Batch Liquor, Wine, and Beer Store

At a wee morning hour that was definitely more café au lait than craft brew, we spotted this freshly minted wine/liquor/beer store on 14th, just doors down from Cork and Peregrine Espresso. We can’t find a website, but did come across an article posted late last week on Borderstan.  Here’s what they have to say:

Batch 13
 is the place to go if you are looking for special beer, wine or spirits. The two-level store has been open for a week now. At 1724 14th St NW (between R and S Streets), it is a new retail addition on the block. After some six months of waiting for permits — and then renovations to the former Dogs by Day daycare space — the liquor store’s decor is a delight to the eyes.

We spoke to one of the managers of Batch 13 who told us, “Batch 13 is a fun place to shop and learn about beer, wine and spirits.” The store has more than 1,000 craft beers from small breweries — a paradise to the aficionado. It also carries a wide selection of wines and will be carrying small batches of bourbons and whiskeys. It is the place where you can find a brand you know, or Distilled Aventinus, which sells for $98 per bottle.

Batch 13 eventually plans to open rooftop for special tastings and gatherings. Batch 13 has tastings every Friday and Saturday from 6 pm to 9 pm. The store is open from Monday to Thursday from 2 pm to 10 pm, Fridays and Saturdays from 12 to 11 pm. They also deliver.

Denizens of 14th Street, have you checked it out yet?  If so, give us the scoop by leaving us a comment, or tweeting at us at @GlassifiedDC.

Because You Can Only Drink So Many Margaritas: 4 Refreshingly Fresh Cocktails To Make This Weekend

Newsflash, Washingtonians:  It’s hot.

The kind of hot, in fact, that renders even rooftop patios unbearable, that makes the three-block walk to the metro feel like a trek through the Amazon rainforest. When you can’t bear the thought of yet another Saturday spent “experimenting” with margarita recipes or sipping a glass (or three) of chilled white wine, it’s time to mix up some new-to-you cocktails from the comfort of your air-conditioned home bar. Here are a few recipes that we’ve been eyeing around the blogosphere.

Ginger Campari Slushies via Design Love Fest


The only thing we love more than this cocktail’s pairing of Campari and zippy ginger is its gorgeous, rosy glow. It’s a slurp-able frozen sip that’s just the right balance of bitter and sweet.

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Go Off-Menu: An Alcoholic Ice Cream Float

The ice cream float that will give you a buzz. Photo courtesy of UrbanDaddy DC.

Ice cream. Coke. Rum. Southern Comfort-soaked cherries. Absinthe whipped cream.

Sounds like a great combination to us.

Introducing the Cuba Libre float, available at D.C.’s Hemingway-inspired Bar Pilar.

It’s the off-menu item worth asking for in the middle of a steamy heat wave that only the District can concoct. Served in a highball glass made from a former Coke bottle, the frosty drink’s shot of rum is enough to entice even the most health-conscious drinker. But topping it off with alcoholic fruit and whipped cream takes this drink to a whole new level of commitment.

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Summer Infusions: Try using local organics to flavor cocktails and spirits

Photo by GlassifiedDC

If you thought the “farm-to-table” movement ended at your plate, think again. The D.C. drink mixers are in the midst of a full-swing fusion with the area’s organic abundance. Next time you’re at the market, pick up garden treasures you can toss into a cocktail and you’ll wonder why you didn’t start “infusing” earlier.

The best part? The drinks are super easy and the possible combos are endless to create inspired infusions.

Glassified recently stopped by Estadio in Logan Circle, where they told us about the heavenly things they’re doing with herbal infusions.

Photo by GlassifiedDC

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Wine and liquor pair to make delicious summer drinks

A red sangria with a merlot as a base and apple garnishes. Photograph from

Surprisingly, there are many different ways you can make summer cocktails with wines of all types — it doesn’t just have to be white wine.

Jessica Strelitz, wine writer extraordinaire, says to use fizz to your advantage. Prosecco can give a cocktail something extra automatically, while club soda adds zing to cocktails made from other wines.

While sangria may seem overdone, the key to making this classic summer drink fresh again is by changing up the fruit and wine mixture. You can even add a little spice to it. Cinnamon and apples pair nicely with reds. Berries settle into a blush wine with ease. And the festive-looking cocktail can easily be made in large quantities, making it the perfect drink for that little outdoor soiree you were thinking of having.

To get inspired by wine-based cocktails in the D.C. area, check out Strelitz’s piece in What’s On Tap.