Scot’s Honor: Scottish Whisky At The Jack Rose Saloon

Ruth Lynn, who bartends in Scotland when she’s not studying for med school, examines the vast array of Scottish whiskys at Jack Rose Dining Saloon in Adams Morgan. (Heather Brady/Glassified DC)

Ever wondered about Scottish whisky? The fact that you have it neat, not on the rocks? The variety of colors it comes in? The lack of an ‘e’ in its name?

Ruth Lynn, Glassified DC’s favorite friend from Scotland, shared some of her expertise as a bartender there and demystified the liquor for us. She even impressed the bartender at Jack Rose Dining Saloon, where over 90 percent of the 1,400 whiskey bottles they have is Scottish, with her knowledge. (She impressed us, too.)

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Wine and liquor pair to make delicious summer drinks

A red sangria with a merlot as a base and apple garnishes. Photograph from

Surprisingly, there are many different ways you can make summer cocktails with wines of all types — it doesn’t just have to be white wine.

Jessica Strelitz, wine writer extraordinaire, says to use fizz to your advantage. Prosecco can give a cocktail something extra automatically, while club soda adds zing to cocktails made from other wines.

While sangria may seem overdone, the key to making this classic summer drink fresh again is by changing up the fruit and wine mixture. You can even add a little spice to it. Cinnamon and apples pair nicely with reds. Berries settle into a blush wine with ease. And the festive-looking cocktail can easily be made in large quantities, making it the perfect drink for that little outdoor soiree you were thinking of having.

To get inspired by wine-based cocktails in the D.C. area, check out Strelitz’s piece in What’s On Tap.