Because You Can Only Drink So Many Margaritas: 4 Refreshingly Fresh Cocktails To Make This Weekend

Newsflash, Washingtonians:  It’s hot.

The kind of hot, in fact, that renders even rooftop patios unbearable, that makes the three-block walk to the metro feel like a trek through the Amazon rainforest. When you can’t bear the thought of yet another Saturday spent “experimenting” with margarita recipes or sipping a glass (or three) of chilled white wine, it’s time to mix up some new-to-you cocktails from the comfort of your air-conditioned home bar. Here are a few recipes that we’ve been eyeing around the blogosphere.

Ginger Campari Slushies via Design Love Fest


The only thing we love more than this cocktail’s pairing of Campari and zippy ginger is its gorgeous, rosy glow. It’s a slurp-able frozen sip that’s just the right balance of bitter and sweet.

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Go Off-Menu: An Alcoholic Ice Cream Float

The ice cream float that will give you a buzz. Photo courtesy of UrbanDaddy DC.

Ice cream. Coke. Rum. Southern Comfort-soaked cherries. Absinthe whipped cream.

Sounds like a great combination to us.

Introducing the Cuba Libre float, available at D.C.’s Hemingway-inspired Bar Pilar.

It’s the off-menu item worth asking for in the middle of a steamy heat wave that only the District can concoct. Served in a highball glass made from a former Coke bottle, the frosty drink’s shot of rum is enough to entice even the most health-conscious drinker. But topping it off with alcoholic fruit and whipped cream takes this drink to a whole new level of commitment.

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